Portland Adult Therapy“It’s the relationship that heals.”

Therapy can be a catalyst for personal transformation and healing. People enter therapy for a variety of reasons at different times of life, often in association with:

  • Emotional pain and anxiety
  • A major transition or loss
  • A relationship problem
  • A traumatic event

Sometimes wounds from the past reverberate in the present in the form of anxiety, anger, depression, grief, confusion, a loss of meaning or unsatisfying patterns of relationships.

Sometimes the psychological defenses that helped us survive earlier in life have outlived their usefulness and create suffering in the present, but we are unaware of it because the connection is buried deep in our unconscious.

Consciousness of root causes yields
lasting transformation.

In the context of a safe, therapeutic relationship, I work to assist you in developing a greater sense of self-awareness and a clear internal sense of what is right for you as a unique individual. I assist you in discovering constructive ways to cope with stressors and to manage difficult feelings. I may also be proactive in respectfully challenging perceptions and behaviors that may contribute to your own suffering.

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